We’re standing at a crossroads in history. The planetary systems that sustain us are collapsing, exemplified by the climate emergency and growing global unrest. In front of us, there is a choice: continue on the road to self-destruction or redefine the role of humanity within nature. Changing direction means questioning the basic assumptions of our society, and reshaping its structures, institutions and tools. It means building a [[1.1 Regenerative Civilization]], in which collective human actions work to create the ideal conditions for life to flourish. ## What does technology have to do with a Regenerative Civilization? [[1.2 Technology]] determines how we organize our society. The technologies we develop and adopt create affordances and constraints that shape our social, economic, and political systems, as well as our relationships with the more-than-human world. The transition to a [[1.1 Regenerative Civilization]] involves co-evolving our technologies, social systems, and worldviews in ways that enable us to thrive within ecological systems. ## How does this website work? This site is an evolving knowledge garden exploring the role of information technologies in transitioning to a regenerative civilization. It is both linear and non-linear: the Trunks create a core narrative which can be followed in order, or you can follow your interest and create your own path. The Trunks are: - [[1.1 Regenerative Civilization]] - [[1.2 Technology]] - [[1.3 Superstructure]] - [[1.4 Social Structure]] - [[1.5 Infrastructure]] This site is a permanent work in progress. It's a tool for thinking about this enormous topic, not a finished product. This is a particularly turbulent time as I'm making a lot of changes, so please bear with me. For a more detailed explanation of the site structure, see [[0.2 How This Site Works]]. ## What is this project trying to achieve? The goals of this project are to: 1. regenerate myself and my relationship to the world; 2. collect knowledge and best practices on harnessing technology to transition to a regenerative civilization; 3. to support the creation of and/or launch new tools, spaces, and communities that accelerate the transition to a regenerative civilization; 4. connect with like-minded others. Learn more about [[0.1 This Project]] here.